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Technical Writer - Proofreading and Editing Services

Proofreading and Copy Editing Services

Technical Writer can offer a superlative service for proofreading and editing documents written in English. Our services are open to anyone, including those whose first language is not English. We can ensure your material not only has perfect grammar, but that it is clear and easy to read.

Proof Reading

If you wish your material to be proof read, we can check it for any inaccuracies such as punctuation or spelling mistakes. We will return it to you with correct grammar.

I am really sure your proofreading service made a big difference to the quality of my work and I have now been awarded my Master's degree with distinction. English is not my native language. Studying LLM in International Commercial Law at Bournemouth University, I understood that the only thing that can push my grade to a distinction is the quality of the written work. This would not have been to the same high level if I had not got it proof-read, and I feel, looking back, that this gave the edge on my assignments and dissertation. It was very helpful, thank you very much.

Marina Panteleeva

Copy Editing

To be honest at Technical Writer we are more at home Copy Editing.

Copy Editing includes our proof reading services, but we also check for style, plain English and readability. We will address any ambiguities or chance of misunderstanding. This all lifts the quality of the document, vastly increasing the chance of its success, that success being an academic mark or it being widely read by the target audience.

At Technical Writer we have Proofreading and Copy Editing experience in:

  • Essays and assignments
  • Theses
  • Technical papers (for example banking, link to a marked up example on the right).
  • Any document requiring proofreading or copy editing.

If Russian is your first language then we can contact you to discuss, in Russian, any issues with your assignment.

Contact Us for further information or a quote for work done.

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Technical Writer - Proofreading and Editing Services

We can take your work and make it grammatically correct with an easy to read style.

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